“Astronauts” – Haynes Baked Beand (2014)

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“Mean Joe Green” – Coca-Cola (1979)

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This week we witnessed the passing of a pair of icons. In the spirit of remembering icons, we dug this commercial out of the archives. This is the full version of the 1979 classic Coca-Cola commercial, featuring good-guy ‘Mean’ Joe Green:

“Ken Jennings” – Cingular (2005)

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“Frosted Flakes” – Kelloggs (1960)

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It’s 1960: a newly created, cartoon tiger (often voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft, later of ‘Grinch’ fame) is selling cereal to… Dennis the Menace’s TV Dad? Watch and see, on today’s Wednesday Commercial Rewind!

“Mouse Trap Survivor”

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Early ’00’s Funny Commercial Compilation

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We’ve been busy. So busy, in fact, that we’ve missed a few Commercial Rewind posts. So, in an effort to ‘catch up’, we present a compilation of early ’00’s commercials. Enjoy!

“State Of Unrest (Jake)” – State Farm Insurance (2014)

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