“09/11”: Budweiser

I’m not normally one for sappy remembrances. That being said, only two events in my life are so well engrained that I will never forget where I was when they happened: 9/11, and the Challenger disaster. To me, 9/11 is a dual tragedy. Firstly, for the obvious reasons but, also, because for a few brief, shining moments we all came together in the gestalt of one country. And we cared about one another, allowing our differences to be put aside. The second tragedy, then, is that we very soon forgot how to do that, as a collective whole. So, today, certainly remember the tragedy but, also, recall the triumph of the human spirit that followed in those proud few months that came in its wake. And do what you can to recapture that feeling by being the person that you should be, instead of the person that you are.

~ by digitalninjasmedia on September 16, 2012.

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